Steve Gibson - Outdoors Editor/ Sarasota Herald Tribune

"Pete Greenan is to shallow water fishing what Ludwig van Beethoven is to music. Greenan is the dean of southwest Florida backcountry guides and his experience is invaluable. And when it comes to flyfishing, Greenan is the maestro. I've fished with Pete Greenan often in the past 20 years and the worst outing we ever had was pretty damn good." ~ Steve Gibson

Phil Saul - Sarasota, Florida

"As a longtime friend of Pete Greenan, I've had the pleasure of fishing with him on waters from Homosassa to the Everglades, giving me many wonderful memories of some exceptional fishing. One of the most important lessons I've learned from him is that besides knowledge, attitude is crucial to successful fishing. Be persistent, believe in what you're doing, and don't hesitate to change a lure or a tactic when others don't work. Besides the fishing, take delight in the day and marvel at the natural wonders around you. When I have the good fortune to spend a day on the water with Captain Pete, I know I'm in for an adventure." ~ Phil Saul

Jeff Conrad - Carmel, IN

"I first fished with Pete in 1995 (when we were both young:-) and have continued to fish with him over the years. Pete is energetic, quick-witted and extremely competent. I usually fish with Pete in January and the weather is different everyday... bright, bluebird one day and cool, windy and gray the next day. Pete knows the water, the tides and the fish. He manages to find fish in all conditions on all tides. Pete is also the best flycaster I have ever seen. He throws a 90 foot cast with the ease of a 40 foot cast. I have sent my own flycasting students to him for "advanced training" and some great fishing." ~ Jeff Conrad

Bonito caught while fly fishing in Boca Grande, FL