Fishing Reports...

Fishing Report – November 12, 2020

Somehow we survived hurricane Eta!  The wind has been blowing for many days, but the weather is warm and sunny.  The fish love it.  The variety of species is amazing.  Here are some species available; snook, redfish, Seatrout, Spanish mackerel, false albacore and more. This week we’ll be hunting snook and redfish on the flats and mackerel and false albacore on the beaches.  Prior to the recent winds, the albies were abundant and the mackerel were insane. We took the largest albie of the year, 12 lbs., a week before the storm. Ed Morris, from Connecticut, hadn’t thrown a fly in a year and needed to get back at it.  He managed about 15 medium sized fish in one day. Our second day was a bit slower but we spent time improving Ed’s casting.  He did very well. These next four weeks will continue to be good as the weather has settled down and the temperature is predicted to be moderate. Due to the Covid-19, I’ll be restricting clients to four or six hours only. Local and Florida residents will be able to enjoy an outing and be home for dinner. Don’t forget my group fly casting class on Nov. 28th.  ~Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Fishing Report – January 8, 2020

Boca Grande is still producing quality opportunities for sight fishing snook and redfish.  Fishing the middle of the day is warm and comfortable.  Almost all the tides will produce fish, mostly due to low water we experience in the winter. I've been fortunate enough to have some excellent clients and a few brand new to fly fishing. The newbies were able to gain a lot of "fish-on" time with Trout and Jack's, plus tons of ladyfish. The more experienced anglers targeted snook and redfish with some success, plus an" out-of-the-blue" lucky tarpon. There is still plenty of winter fishing to be had, so plan on spending a little time on the water with me.  ~Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Boca Grande flyfishing

Fishing Report – February 18, 2019

Hi Folks... Charlotte Harbor is fishing very well.  There are plenty of redfish and snook around.  Seatrout are still roaming the deeper flats.  Now here is the situation with catching.  The tides are low and the water is clear.  Approaching the fish is difficult and casts have to be long and accurate.  In addition, there are tons of winter guests plying the waters, disturbing the feeding habits of the fish and in general making it harder to get a bite. Now the upside for any of you who fish with me is my knowledge of the backcountry.  I am almost always able to get away from other anglers and still find fish. My Maverick HPX is a stealthy as they come and I am as quiet as a mouse.  Still you have to make the cast. The weather is outstanding for this time of year.  February 18 and its 83 degrees.  Unbelievable! So now is the time to come fishing with me just like Dr. Finley did last Friday.  He caught his first redfish in years.  He said it has been many years since he saw so many reds.  He was really pleased. ~Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

charlotte harbor florida redfish on the fly rod

Fishing Report – December 7, 2018

Hi Folks... The weather is cooperating and the fish are happy and hungry. Day time temperatures are between 65 degrees and 75 degrees. The water has cleared in the deep back county and the sight fishing is getting better. Lots of snook are present in the bays having run away from any left over red tide in the gulf. The seems to be more snook than redfish but there is still a good number of young reds around. Seatrout are willing most of the time due to the shortage of bait fish and shrimp. We have to use barb-less hooks so we don't kill and fish accidentally. Other species have helped round out the trips including jack, ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel and False Albacore. Now is a good time to plan you winter fishing trips. And if you need help to better you casting I can help there, too. Just drop me a note or call anytime. ~ Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Boca Grande flyfishing

Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

Hi Folks... So, everyone heard about the lousy weather and red tide that has been plaguing us for the last few months. Well, it's finally over. Hurricane Michael blew through the gulf and settled the score. Fishing is improving and we expect a cool front this weekend. Overnight temps could hit mid-60s. Yahoo! In the meantime we have had good success with smaller fish including snook, tarpon and seatrout. We've had to go out of our way to find them, but if that's what it takes, we'll do it. I feel we'll get back to normal very soon. So it's time to make plans for a late fall trip to Boca Grande and have some fun. Just to show I am not just a salt water angler, I'll leave a couple of my fall adventure shots to Utah and the Green river along with some local shots. ~ Fish Hard, Capt. Pete

Fishing Report – September 17, 2018

It has been a long time since I filed a fishing report. Family situation has changed since my sweetheart of 35 years passed. Then the horrible water conditions we suffered in July and August made fishing seem unwholesome. Now things are returning to a better condition, but we still have red tide, just not so much. Some species are more apt to avoid the tide than others. For instance, tarpon and snook will leave if they can and go to areas not prone to the toxin. Even seatrout can often get away from the tide. To that extent I've been able to find isolated spots with fish that will eat a fly. Small tarpon are available in a few places. Luis Gonzalez, from Mendoza, tried his hand at tarpon for the first time and his first saltwater experience, He realized he needed to prepare a bit more when the tarpon stayed a little too far away. Still, we caught other species he enjoyed. Noel Booker and his family spent a morning catching seatrout this month, wracking up about 35 fish to 22 inches in just four hours. Not bad at all. Andy Rookee, from Belfast, took a couple of short outings without too much success for the tarpon, but we really enjoyed what we did catch. All and all, late August and early September were not too bad and it seems we are going to be losing the red tide in the near future. October and November are some of the best times to fish our area, so make your plans soon. A special note: During this time I am imposing a 100% no kill rule on the boat. All fish caught will be released in the water and not removed even for pix. Barbless hooks only. I've added a couple of tarpon shots from last fall to whet your appetite.
~ Fish Hard, Capt. Pete


Fishing Report – March 1, 2018

Fishing has been excellent for the past two weeks until yesterday’s full moon.  Although we saw a lot of snook and redfish, we had a hard time getting any to bite.  Fortunately, the moon will soon pass and the fish start biting again. Rex Gudgel and I caught Seatrout and snook early in the week under windy and cloudy conditions.  The snook fell to a Craig Smother’s adaptation of a Gartside Gurgler. The trout took a standard Puglisi pattern. Rick Calamari and I Fished Charlotte Harbor this week and found the no-eating redfish and snook. This was the Oregonian’s first salt experience in Florida. Rick did catch a few Seatrout and ladyfish on Clouser Minnows. I’ll be in Oregon fishing the Sandy River for Steelhead this week but will be ready to fish here on Thursday.  The fishing will improve dramatically due to a weak cold front moving through the state. Slightly cooler water temps will turn the fish on. Our weather is still warm and rain free, so make your plans now for a late winter fishing trip with me.
~ Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Fishing Report – Feb. 14, 2018

The weather has finally broken and the waters of Charlotte Harbor are warming fast.  That means the fishing will get better and better.  This last week I’ve seen schools of snook, and numerous clear water redfish. And we can catch Seatrout any day. Dave Barron, from Jacquish Hollow, Wisconsin took his first snook with me early in the week. Dave operates a guide service for trout and smallmouth. Steve Drabkin, former postmaster of Nantucket, tried the fly for the first time in Florida last Tuesday. Although he didn’t catch any big fish, Steve managed some keeper trout and a total of more than twenty fish. Next two weeks will be excellent due to good tides and warm, sunny days.  We might even see some baby tarpon show up or some False Albacore off the beaches.I hope to see you soon! ~ Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Fishing Report – December 4, 2017: We are currently experiencing the best weather in the country.  Warm days and comfortable nights are making for fun days on the water.  But hold on, all that will change in a week or so and we will get back to normal temperatures, 50 at night and 70 or so during the day.  This will move the fish from the open waters of the gulf and harbor into the back country.  The cool water temperatures are killing the algae and helping keep the water clear.  This great for sight fishing.

Redfish are becoming more accessible for fly anglers hanging out on flats and in shallow holes where they can be easily seen.  And I have just the fly for them, a creation of Jeff Conrad that perfectly imitates a wounded baitfish.  However, because these patterns are exclusive to me, I can’t show them yet.  Soon I’ll write a report with the results of extended testing.

Snook are easy to find now but watch what happens when the nights get chilly.  The fish will head into the dark corners of the mangroves making casting to them more difficult.  Fortunately, I have just the fly for them too.  Craig Smothers, a Sarasota professional tyer, created a baitfish imitation with a special material that I prefer.  A weed guard allows for casting into the mangroves and slowly dropping the fly right on the fish.

The gulf has been producing Spanish mackerel and False Albacore with some regularity.  They are always a good option when the winds are down. All in all, this is a great time to fish.  Grab your fly rod and give me a call.  I’ll put you on some very nice fish. ~ Fish Hard, Capt. Pete

snook on flyrod in boca grande

Fishing Report – October 4, 2017: The fall weather is breaking as I write this report. The steamy temperatures are fading and the water will start to clear and cool. This means a change in the target species. I'll be looking for redfish on the flats and snook in the back country mangroves. I'll be watching for calm east winds so I can explore the beaches looking for False Albacore and Spanish Mackerel. But right now, and for the next few weeks, baby Tarpon are the prime target. A recent trip with my good friend, Brendan Roberts, of Park City Utah, yielded 14, yes 14, hookups in three days. The biggest of these was nearly 40 pounds and the smallest was over 12 pounds. All were taken on gurgler patterns tied by Craig Smothers, a professional tyer from Sarasota. The action was fantastic. Knowing when to go where is the key to finding the fish and finding ones that will eat. If you're interested, be sure to let me pick the dates. On another topic, every now and then I meet some really nice people who like to fish but haven't in many years.This was the case of Fran Powers and Dick Doolittle. I took them out on Sarasota bay for anything they could catch. We had a blast! Both caught several species including seatrout and gag grouper. Total was about 35 fish. We even had some keeper size seatrout, which are often hard to come by in Sarasota. I've included some photos to whet your appetite. Time to come fishing before the crowds show up this winter. Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

flyfishing for baby Tarpon in Boca Grande

Fishing Report – July 18, 2017: July and August are two of my favorite months to fish. Early morning light is just perfect for sight fishing. There are fewer anglers on the water and more active fish. I like to focus on snook and baby tarpon this time of the year. Both can be found in close proximity, so it minimizes the run time. That means more fishing. Snook can be found in shallow holes in the grass flats and along the mangroves. I use Puglisi style flies in a variety of colors. I like to use a weed guard around the mangroves too. I also have a new fleeing/dying spoon minnow pattern designed by Jeff Conrad of Indianapolis. Baby tarpon are more abundant this year than in past years. I have found them in several different places around the harbor. They will eat almost anything if presented right. I like to fish a Gartside Gurgler or a Puglisi for them. These are five to thirty five pound fish, so an eight weight works fine. If you get a chance to get away, now is a good time. Plan on fishing during the week. Too many boaters on the weekends. I hope to see you soon. ~Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Snook in Boca Grande

Fishing Report – May 31, 2017: Tarpon season is in full swing and everyone is excited about the numbers of fish here. The weather has just settled down so we can get out on the gulf to work the migrating fish. Some more rain is due this weekend and that will help clear the water. I’ve received a solid report of fish in the harbor and bays, too. Snook fishing is on fire. The fish are staging to move to the gulf to spawn later this Summer. So now they are hanging out on the points of the mangrove islands where there is good water flow. We consistently use Puglisi style flies with a lot of success. Redfish have been hard for my fly anglers. We don’t see too many at this time of year but a few are picked up along the harbor side of the islands. Jacks and Seatrout are still doing well in a little deeper water. Wes Robinson got a kiss from a tarpon on Tuesday using a Craig Smothers design fly. We had good shots at at least eight schools. The fish are still a little shy. Joe Killian and his dad spent a couple of days with me last week fishing for snook and trout. Between them they landed 8 snook, seven Seatrout (one was 24 inches), and a few jacks , ladyfish and catfish. Catfish can ruin a fly! Next week looks like a good one because of weather predictions and tides. Boca Grande is always spectacular in June. ~Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

boca grande flyfishing report 5-31-2017

Fishing Report – March 9, 2017: Spring has come at last! Here in Boca Grande that means really good fishing. The next three months (April-May-June) hold the best fishing of the year. All the important species are getting active as daylight increases. Snook will be moving to the outer islands nearer the gulf with an eye on the beaches in mid June. More bait will signal heavier feeding early and late in the day. Redfish are leaving the protection of the rivers and upper harbor and moving onto the grass flats and holes. I've some new fly patterns developed by Jeff Conrad that will work very well. With the water temperature up, the tarpon that stay here all year will begin to get active. They'll first show up on the deep flats that have strong tidal flows. Fishing for "laid-up" tarpon is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Other species will be arriving too. False Albacore, Spanish mackerel, Cobia and more will make appearances as Spring progresses.
So, it's a great time to plan a trip to fish with me. Look over your schedule and plan on fishing during the middle of the weeks when we have a full or new moon. Best tides then. I've attached a couple of pix to remind you of what you've been missing.
Until I see you again... fish hard. Capt. Pete

boca grande fly fishing

Fishing Report – November 30, 2016: As usual we have the best weather in the country in December. 60 at night and 80 during the day with very little rain. The fish begin to inhabit their winter hangouts and we all know where those are. The water is clearing nicely in the backcountry so sight fishing is on the increase. All and all, a good time to fish. We have been targeting snook and redfish mostly with fair success on reds and good results with the snook. I have been using long leaders and smallish pin fish imitations with excellent success.
I fished with Jimmy LeMert again last week. He's the owner of Patrick's Fly shop in Seattle. We had moderate success with the snook and took a few seatrout and jacks in a short morning of fishing. Andy Rooke of Belfast was back in the states for a few days, and on the water with me. Andrew had his best day ever taking 21 snook and filling out his slam of snook, trout and redfish. We looked for a tarpon for him but could find one that day. Ralph Cummings spent a day with me last week too. Ralph, a professor at Johns-Hopkins, was a terrific guy to talk to. Some of his casts were so accurate they disappeared under the mangroves. He also caught a bucket full of snook and seven other species. Another super day. It's time for you to put a line in the water with me. So, put on you sun screen and come visit. ~ Be well... Capt. Pete

florida flyfishing photos

Fishing Report – October 16, 2016: Fishing this week and last has been steadily improving due to cool nites and warm days. That's a big plus for the fish. There are tons of baitfish in the backcountry and schools of jacks and ladyfish are crashing them every now and then. The most active of our gamefish are snook. There are a lot of small snook that take flies readily, but the big ones are harder to catch on flies. They present the challenge we all expect when flyfishing. The most productive pattern I have been using is a baitfish imitation similar to a Puiglisi but tied with material from Steve Farrar called Flash Blend. I like the rainbow color best.
I spent three great days with the father/son team of the Morgansen's from Sacramento. They caught every thing in the book from big seatrout, redfish and snook. That doesn't count numerous jacks and ladyfish.
Californian Kelsy Peabody-Wortman, a chef, brought another chef with her and suffered a slow day with just a handful of fish. I wish everyday could be good but that just doesn't happen. I was invited by my friends Brendan and Leslie Roberts to spend a few days fishing in Utah. I had a great time but will leave that report on my Facebook page. Jimmy LeMert, owner of Patrick's Fly Shop in Seattle spent a day with me catching snook and seatrout with a few ladyfish thrown in. Jimmy, a Master Certified Casting Instructor, demonstrated how important it is to cast well. He took a 26 inch Snook from under a mangrove at 80 feet. Beautiful cast! I have a couple of days open before I leave for a week in Exuma, Bahamas. So, if you want to get in on the good fishing now would be a good time.
Fish Hard, Capt. Pete

Fishing Report – September 23, 2016: Can you feel a touch of fall in the air? Well, not in southwest Florida. But the fishing is really good. Snook, redfish and seatrout have all been active this week. Best of all the False Albies are running and they are hungry. (see pic). Even with poor tides Thursday turnned out to be the best day all week. We took a limit of seatrout plus 20 or so undersized, hooked three Albies breaking a rod on the third and a hugely oversized redfish. I managed to break the end of my fly line trying to land it.
Earlier I fished with Jeff Webster from Indianapolis and he caught his first redfish ever. Next week the moon goes dark so the tides and fishing will be good. It is a great time to be here. ~ Be well... Capt Pete


false albacore

Fishing Report – July 31, 2016: Summer is a great time to fish our waters. The fishing is good, there are fewer anglers out, lots of activity and a broad selection of species to target. The last two weeks I have been targeting snook and tarpon. The snook are either on the beach or in waters near the beach where there is good flow. Tarpon are still active along the beaches but conditions have to be good to get them. More fish are in the upper harbor. I am seeing an increase in the number of redfish I see during a trip. It is almost time for them to school up prior to their spawning run. I'll keep you informed. Jon Macca, Dallas, fished this week catching both tarpon and snook. Craig Smothers managed a nice snook too. Maybe it's time to put yourself in one of my pictures. Don't forget the great pricing of $950 per person (double occupancy) on my three day package. This pricing is only offered from August through October.
~ Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Snook on fly rod

baby tarpon fly fishing

Fishing Report – July 10, 2016: It's been a week of fun and frolic in some of hottest weather we’ve had this year. Tarpon are still the target species. The biggest tarpon are hard to catch but a fly placed in the right place will do the trick. I use the standard Peanut Butter Puglisi pattern in the morning or low light and change to yellow when the sun is full up. Snook are concentrated in the passes and on the beach. They are best approached from the shore. Look for schools of bait along the beach and you’ll probably find a few snook there. Small pale baitfish patterns are best. A few redfish are showing up on the sand bars and flats adjacent to the main harbor. The fresh gulf water attracts them there. Although you can fish them from the boat, wading is a great option. Size 2 Puglisi style flies work well if you match the color of the bottom. Mac Steiner and I spent a morning looking for good spots for him to fish his kayak in Sarasota Bay. We found some fish and Mac has some new places to hunt for more. My good friend and long –time client, Brendan Roberts from Park City, UT, spent three days fishing around Boca Grande mostly for tarpon. We had some success and some disappointments. The biggest tarpon we cast to refused most presentations, but we did manage to put some in the air. We also had some good shots at redfish and snook with only moderate success. Shane and Ann Campell fished with me Friday. We went searching for small tarpon. We found some but didn’t score. Shane took on the wily redfish on a clear sand flat in the afternoon but no hook-ups. The one thing that stood out this week was the necessity of good casting techniques. Fish like tarpon , snook and redfish live in clear, shallow water. Long accurate casts will pay off in great catches. I suggest to anyone coming to fish here get a professional instructor to help them. Quick casts to 60 feet with a minimum of false casts is satisfactory. So, practice, practice, practice. The tarpon are still running and the redfish and snook fishing is good. Come and see what it’s like to fish with very few competitors. ~ Fish Hard... Capt Pete

Boca Grande tarpon on fly rod

Fishing Update June 13, 2016: Tarpon season is in full swing. But that's not all that is going on. Snook are moving out to the beaches along with some nice seatrout. The tarpon are migrating the beaches and showing well in Charlotte Harbor. Staking out along the secondary sand bar is the best way to get good shots at them. Patience is the key word when tarpon "hunting". If your heart is set on catching the best fly rod fish in the Gulf, you'll have to wait them out. Not every fish will take even a well presented fly, so multiple good casts are often required. Practice, practice, practice! Snook are a little easier. Working a small baitfish imitation among the schools of bait along the beach usually produces. Here you can also often find small schools of trout working the bait, especially around some structure. There are still a few spots in the harbor where you can find snook, too. Puglisi style flies work best for them. I found two new spots for redfish this week. They are on clear sand flats where sight fishing is the only way to go. Accurate casts and good eye sight are required here. The weather is cooperating with just a few thunderstorms showing in the afternoon. It is warm and humid so dress accordingly. I hope to see you while the fishing is good. ~ Capt. Pete

Charlotte Harbor tarpon

Fishing Update May 8, 2016: Tarpon season is upon us and the fish are cooperating. Some fish are migrating along the beaches as usual and some are in the deep holes and flats of Pine Island Sound. As long as the weather cooperates, we have had excellent opportunities to hook the best fly rod fish in the sea. Snook are also cooperating in the passes and the back-country along the mangroves. These fish love a pinfish imitation and will often chase a good pattern down with relish. Blake Ringsmuth and Tom Wuori, out of Traverse City, MI joined me for a few days last week and really enjoyed the fishing, even while experiencing a huge thunderstrom on Wednesday. Blake hooked up two tarpon, while Tom had only two fish try to eat but fail. A windy day in the back country produced snook and seatrout. Tim Fyffe, from Kentucky, fished the back-country in 20 knot winds on Thursday. Because of the numerous mangrove islands I was able to get him out of the wind. Tim caught several seatrout and lost two nice snook. Not bad considering the inclement weather. The tarpon will continue to be plentiful for the rest of this month and into the next. This is your best opportunity to catch the Silver King. Take a look at the three day package offer on my web site. It's a good deal and gives you plenty of time to catch all of our species. Fish Hard... Capt Pete

Snook caught in May 2016 flyfishing Boca Grande, FL

Fishing Update 15 April 2016: It’s tarpon time! The fish have been showing up for a few weeks but are now just starting to get active. Soon the great migration will be in full swing and, as they say, the early bird gets the worm. Before the fish are harassed to the point of not biting, we have good chance of hookups with decent casts. An exploratory trip last week found tarpon in 6 out of 8 places I looked. Weather permitting they will be accessible at all those undisclosed locations. I’ve designed a new fly pattern just for these fish. It’s called “The Scoop”. I’ll let you have a sneak-peek at them. The design differs in color for three scenarios. One is for the early morning beach fish. One is for fish over sand bottoms, and one is for back-country fish. See if you can figure out which is which. Redfish are becoming more available finally. There was a lull in their activity, but the last week has discovered more and more each day. Snook are still showing in the back-country and the passes. They are both great alternatives to the weighty tarpon for those of moderate experience. So, It’s time to “Scoop” up a tarpon. Take a look at the three day package for you and your fishing partner. It’s a great way to enjoy all our fishing and save money too. Fish Hard... Capt Pete

tarpon fly designed by Pete Greenan - The Scoop

Boca Grande Fishing Report – 3/28/16 - What a crazy week! We suffered with high winds, full moon, rain and overcast, but managed some good days too. During the early spring some species, like Seatrout are abundant. We caught a ton of them, and some good sized ones. But the focus was all on snook. There are a lot of snook in the back-country waiting for the weather to settle down. All sizes too. During the day we get shots at big fish, but they are smart and tough. Mostly we caught medium size fish and I’ve included a few pics for you all. I have been using a couple of newly developed fly patterns for the snook. With the aid of SF fibers and Finish raccoon, two new designs have proven to be excellent. Keep in mind, pinfish colors are always good, but chartreuse is always a plus. Next week we are looking for the Pompano to begin their run. Redfish, which have been slow lately, should be turning on too. Snook will continue to be catchable as well as Seatrout. It’s time to start thinking about tarpon fishing. The water is warming fast and the first runs of tarpon should appear in the bays of Pine island sound in the next two weeks. They will be available from then throughout the summer. I hope to see you during the next few months. It’s the most productive time of the year. Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

Boca Grande snook on fly rod

Boca Grande snook caught while flyfishing

flyfishing Boca Grande

Fishing Report for February 25, 2016 - Warm weather swooped down on us last week and really improved the fishing. Nor every day was spectacular but most were very good. Snook proved to be available except on the full moon. Redfish are showing up in good numbers in the back country but have been difficult to get to eat. Seatrout were abundant with mixed ladyfish. We have been sticking to standard fly patterns including The Scoop, Clouser Minnows and Puglisi style baitfish imitations. Chad Loebs brought his beautiful sweetheart along on a recent trip. She landed her first snook and caught four different species to boot. Kathy Young and David Staley put the hammer to the seatrout and ladyfish last week. Kathy took her first ever saltwater fish on a fly. These people are insane anglers. Neil DeMarino and I had a slow, but fun, day last week. We did manage a few fish but the company and camaraderie was outstanding. Jeff Conrad and his good fishing partner Rob Walters came out for a rainy day scoring several small snook and one redfish. We also saw a pair of bobcats and got a photo of one of them before it disappeared into the mangroves. There ensued a hilarious dinner with Joe Mahler at the Fishery restaurant in Placida. March should herald the warm weather we expect in spring. All the fishing will get better. Species such as cobia, mackerel and false albacore should be showing up. Snook will continue to be a main target in March and we hope the redfish will begin to eat better.
I hope to see you in March. Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

trout and snook on fly rod

Rob Walters, Jeff COnrad and Joe Mahler in Boca Grande

Boca Grande Fishing Report - December 24, 2015: Some crazy fishing going on right now. It's Christmas eve and it's 85 degrees outside. The fish love it! Yesterday we fished 6 hours and caught 50 or more fish. We caught two nice redfish and ten snook. After that it was a trout -fest. About thirty five or more from 5 inches to twenty inches. Add in some small jacks and one big one, a few ladyfish and three or four mangrove snapper and you have a hell of a day. Let's all hope this continues for a while. Now is the time to fish. Here are a couple of pix for you. ~ Fish Hard, Pete

jack crevalle caught on fly rod in Boca Grande, FL

Flyrod redfish in Boca Grande, FL

Boca Grande Fishing Report - December 17, 2015: An approaching cold front helped the fishing this week. Everything was on the feed. Snook were most cooperative with as many as ten per day. I hope this lasts. The flies they took best were the Puglisi baitfish patterns. Light colored with darker backs worked best. The really big snook were much more wary during the day, but the ones that did eat put up a great fight. Seatrout were abundant with a few being of decent size. Although they don’t fight as hard as snook, they did love a top-water gurgler. Lots of fun and exciting smashes. Redfish are tailing on the grass flats now if the tide is low enough. Light winds have helped, too. Average fish is about six pounds. Sorry, no monsters around right now. Next week the weather will warm up to about 80 degrees again. Unusual right now, but the fishing is excellent. Let’s hope it continues. Last week we had several shots at triple tail off the beach about a mile. Calm winds let us make good approaches and we landed some nice fish. Keep that in mind when making your fishing plans. ~ Fish Hard, Capt. Pete

snook caught on fly rod in Boca Grande

Boca Grande snook caught flyfishing


Boca Grande Fishing Report - December 9, 2015: Southwest Florida has the best weather in the country in December. Not only the weather is best but so is the fishing. Snook fishing has been super for the last two months or more. The fish are happy to feel clean, fresh water without a lot of runoff. Most of the snook are taken along the mangroves as the tide is falling. They eat most patterns but like the small Puglisi-style flies best. Today we are seeing lower tides on the waning moon. This means tailing redfish on the flats. The lowest, weakest tides produce the best sight fishing for reds. Add in the clear water and you have exciting sport. A few False Albacore showed last week during a lull in the wind. They may be back but I can’t say for sure. However, Triple Tail are appearing on the crab trap buoys and the love flies. Hope for smooth water. Now is the time to schedule your fishing for December. I’ve left you a little pic as a lure. See you soon. ~ Fish Hard, Capt. Pete

Tripletail caught on flyrod in Boca Grande

November 17, 2015: It’s been a while since I reported to you all but it has been a super busy time. As the last of the heat left the area the fish became very accommodating. Bait fish are being hammered by schools of mackerel and false albacore. Snook have moved into the back country mangroves and are eating well. It’s time for the redfish to tail as the tides get very low this fall. With temperatures running from 60 to 80 degrees it’s an ideal time to fish.

My friend Jimmy LeMert from Patrick’s Fly Shop in Seattle came to fish a couple of days before we went to the Florida Council Expo. We both had testing and teaching duties there. After abusing our "no-eating" baby tarpon, Jimmy caught jacks, mackerel and seatrout in Sarasota bay. When we went to Boca Grande we did much better landing 8 out of 10 snook and taking several other species.

Jimmy LeMert from Patrick’s Fly Shop in Seattle with a Boca Grande snook

My friends Rob and Julie from England paid us a visit last week and we managed to get in a day at Boca Grande. Although not an accomplished angler Rob caught some seatrout and jacks. Small jacks were plentiful.

Jack Josephs fished with me in 2010 and 2011 and like a bad penny he showed up again this year. He’s always a lot of fun. A disastrous day in Sarasota was reversed in Boca Grande. Jack caught ladyfish to 22 inches, lost flies to mackerel caught a couple of seatrout and five nice snook. The snook are being aggressive more now than I’ve seen in a long time. A good sign I hope.

I hope to see you before the holidays so you can enjoy the good weather and great fishing. Fish Hard, Capt. Pete

Sept. 27, 2015: Fishing this week has been fun and productive. We have had consistent catches of snook and jacks with a few sea trout thrown in. Very high tides pushed the fish into th bushes but also brought huge numbers of baitfish into the bays. Wednesday we fished Little Sarasota Bay and caught snook near South Creek. We also had good shots at baby tarpon but no takers. Thursday morning produced dozens of Jack Crevalle in the 2 lb. range. There were so many that my friend Jack Burns, from Arizona and Siesta Key, was hooking two or three on a single cast. As we approach the full moon morning fishing will slow a bit, but the strong tides should make for good days when fishing later in the day. Cooler nights are on the way and the fish can feel that. They seem to be getting more frisky, and are more willing to attack the flies. Look for school redfish on the higher tides and when the tides go super low watch for tailing fish on the flats. We are enjoying great weather. Why don’t you come and join us on the water. Capt. Pete

Snook caught flyfishing in Sarasota Bay

Sept. 11, 2015: Warm temperatures in Florida in the Summer encourage us to fish early in the morning and late in the day. Often rain showers interrupt the evening fishing so I like to fish just mornings. Sarasota Bay has been yielding seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, bluefish, Mangrove snapper and a few Redfish. This week I fished with Andie and her son Noah with their friend John. They had good action on small seatrout and snapper. We also had a mixed bag of Gag Grouper, Black Sea Bass and Ladyfish. It was fun to watch these novice anglers hook and land three big Gaff Top-Sail catfish also. They were in the five to six pound range and pulled very hard. Lots of Summer fun. Redfish are schooling on the flats of Boca Grande in good numbers. Snook are still along the beaches and some are feeding along the mangroves close to the inlets. There are still a good number of tarpon in upper Charlotte Harbor. When found feeding on thread-fin shad, they can be caught on large silver and white flies. Cobia are always a possibility in the summer. Although I haven’t seen any of late, I will be in the harbor this week looking for them and the tarpon.

August 18, 2015: Snook season opens on September 1. If you can handle a top water plug there is a good chance of taking a slot size fish. That is, if the redfish don’t beat them to it. Fishing with Al White this week was really fun. I took Al to an area I know holds school redfish and snook. We ran into a school of reds in the 10 to 12 pound range. Al was able to take a small one before we spooked them off the flat. My bad! We also caught and released several small to medium snook and a nice seatrout. That gave Al a slam. Enjoy the pix. Come and enjoy the fun while there are very few other anglers on the water. Drop me note if you’d like to join me.



8/1/15: The west coast of Florida has been experiencing heavy rainfall for two weeks. Most people would say that will kill the fishing, But not in the Gulf of Mexico. The bays and inlets are covered with grass flats that filter the water and provide cover for most species. Our fishing is still very good. Snook and seatrout are the most abundant, but redfish are showing up more and more every day. Last week we jumped a school of redfish pushing across a shallow flat. It is a ritual they perform prior to making the spawning run. Wednesday was another good day with snook and several nice seatrout on top water flies. I’ve been seeing quite a few baby tarpon lately. They can be tricky to catch but a Gartside gurgler or a Crease fly will usually take them. Because of the heat and afternoon showers I have been limiting our fishing to the mornings. It is cooler then and the tides are better. We are going to have a waning moon with weaker tides next week. It will be easier for the fish to settle into a routine and make them more predictable. Fish Hard, Pete

Florida Redfish with 2 tail spots caught while fly fishing Boca Grande

Florida snook caught while fly fishing

Captain Pete Greenan - Florida fly fishing guide

6/16/2015: Boca Grande is a challenging place to fish but ultimately rewarding. Tarpon are the most sought after species at this time of the year. Snook and redfish are always popular with the sight fishing enthusiasts. Redfish have been spotty this week with one day finding lots of fish and the next day very few. Snook are the most consistent and can be found on edges and flats almost every day. Tarpon have been awful for three days due to a huge swell coming in after storms in the gulf, but that is over now and the seas are laying down. A return to their normal migration cycle will make them more available this week and next.

I was privileged to fish with a third generation client this week. Nick Zuccotti and his mom, Margaret, cast to tarpon on the beach with no great success but moved to the back country to catch snook and reds. I’ve included a pic of Nick. Not a huge fish but a great one on a fly when you are fourteen.

Snook caught buy 14 year old boy while flyfishing Boca Grande mangroves

My good friend and long time customer, Brendon Roberts from Park City, UT fished the most terrible weather for tarpon. After three days of rolling seas and impassable channels we zeroed out on the silver king. Really bad weather. However, we had a few opportunities for tarpon on the first day and the last and we did catch some back country snook, so it wasn’t a blowout.

Brendon Roberts catches a snook in Boca Grande Florida

Fewer anglers are fishing tarpon now and the fishing is getting better. I predict a good week or two before the full moon will present a good number of opportunities. Make your plans now for a summer of fun fishing beautiful Charlotte Harbor with me. Fish Hard... Capt. Pete

May 20, 2015 video fishing report from Capt. Pete:
The hunt for tarpon continues, but if they don't cooperate there are always so many other species of fish in Boca Grande that we'll find something to do... like sight fish for Redfish on a sandy Bonefish flat!

May 1, 2015 video fishing report from Capt. Pete:
Tarpon are in Boca Grande pass, Redfish and Snook are plentiful, many other species such as Cobia, Pompano, Permit and False Albacore could show up anytime. Winds are favorable and water is clean and clear, making sight-fishing available.

Boca Grande, FL - 3/19/2015
Fishing has been good most days this month. Snook and pompano are the most abundant. Redfish are a bit tough for some reason. Tarpon will be showing up soon, too. We had a couple of attempts at them early this week. No hook-ups though. Weather is great. Here is a link to a short video flyfishing report and a little action. Fish Hard! ~ Capt. Pete

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