Boca Grande Fly Fishing School

The curriculum includes basic casting techniques, line control, knots/leaders, and casting for distance. Cost is $95 per student. Reservations can be made by emailing or calling 941-232-2960.

Captain Pete Greenan teaching a woman to flycast

Learn to flyfish with Capt. Pete Greenan, FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor with over 45 years experience. Many people teach "flycasting lessons", but it takes an experienced guide and instructor to teach you the complete art of flycasting with the goal of making you competent at flyfishing. If you want to learn to fly fish and have some fun, here are some ways to join us this season for a great fishing adventure!

  • Private or small group flyfishing lessons (call to schedule)
  • Public fly fishing classes

Pete Greenan teaching a flycasting lesson with a Boca Grande Flyfishing School student

Novice & Intermediate Flyfishing Class

Includes: equipment (rods & reels), leader material, refreshments and copy of "Tackle, Techniques and Tactics" by Pete Greenan

Curriculum: On-water basic casting, getting distance, presentation, advanced casting techniques, reading water, the "double haul", simple knots, fly selection Cost: $95.00 per student Contact: or call 941-232-2960 This class is limited to six students. Late sign-ups can be rescheduled for your convenience. Private instruction available upon request (Call 941 232 2960 to arrange a two hour lesson for up to four students.)

On The Water Class for Novice Fly Fishers

Experienced anglers know how to read water and catch fish. This class is for spin fishers and bait casters that want to learn about flyfishing and add a new dimension in their angling experience. The class takes place on the water in true fishing conditions. I cover basic casting, fly selection, knots and leaders and explain all the equipment needed for fishing. You will be in the pristine waters of Charlotte Harbor and will actually catch fish while learning to cast. Cost = $425.00 (may be shared with a friend)

One on One

The fastest way to learn to flyfish is one on one with your instructor. Anglers on the fast-track can gather all the knowledge and experience they can absorb in a day on the water with me. I can teach two at a time if you want to share the experience with someone. You bring a thirst for knowledge and I'll provide the rest. We'll cover all aspects of fly-casting and fly-fishing including advanced techniques and tactics, the double haul, curve casting, back casting, presentation and more. This is not just for saltwater anglers, but for trout, salmon and bass fishermen also. Cost - $575.00 where - aboard the "Gypsy" when - anytime

Short Cycle

Are you going on a trip and need some quick instruction? Or maybe you need a crash course or just need to brush up. I can arrange for a few hours of instruction for a small group or single person. We will be on land and cover the important techniques for your fishing. This includes reading water, selecting flies, tying leaders, casting and presentation. This is a great way to get prepared so you'll have the best experience possible. Cost = $150.00/person - 2 hours (discounted rates for multiple parties).

Contact Capt. Pete at 941-232-2960 or email