Frequently Asked Questions...

When is the best time to come fishing? That depends on what you want to fish for and where you want to go. i.e. tarpon may be in the 'Glades in Feb. and Boca Grande in May. It's best to call.

What should I bring? Watch the weather and be assured it is cooler on the water than land. Bring any medication you take, polarized fishing glasses, hat, long and short sleeved shirts, rain gear and sunscreen.

How many days should I fish? Spread as many days and you can out so you don't fish everyday. That protects against inclement weather.

Can I use my own tackle? Sure, if it is appropriate. I've got good stuff.

What will we fish for? We're on a fishing trip, we'll take what's biting while we look for a target species.

I can't fly fish, now what? I also teach fly fishing. If you want some ff lessons while we are out I will do that.

Is it rough out there? I hope not... I get seasick:-)

Can I wade? Sure, it is the best way to enjoy our fishing. You’ll need to bring wading shoes or waders with you. Let me know in advance so I can be ready.

Do I need a license? I've got you covered. Guides carry a license for clients.

Is it hot, will it rain? In the summer it is hot and it can rain almost any day. Be prepared.

Do I bring food and water? I supply water/soft drinks on regular trips. You should bring something to eat.

Where should I stay? Check out our accommodations page for that info.

Redfish caught on a Puglist Minnow while fly fishing in Boca Grande, FL - Pete greenan, fly fishing guide - Jeff Conrad and Rob Walters, flyfishermen